Another tough week. I’ve been have lots of life events recently, so it’s been hard to keep up with my schoolwork, but I did it! I loved all the photography this week; it’s one of my favorite interests. I got better at commenting and responding to comments on my own blog this week, but I’m still having trouble managing my time. Definitely going to do better next week!

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Daily Create 9/16/16


Elements of Good Photography

I love photography. I actually have been meaning to get more into it for a while now. I have been told I have a good eye for photography, meaning I can set up a shot well and take nice photos. I don’t take a lot of photos currently, but I am looking to do a lot more of it in my free time. It is one of the forms of art that I feel as though I am good at. When I go out to take pictures however, I don’t really have a set goal in mind. I just take pictures of anything that looks particularly interesting to me. I haven’t really set out to incorporate a certain deep meaning in my photos, because my favorite area of photography is landscapes and the sky before a storm. I do believe that I can always improve on my photography skills, and I intend to. I got a Nikon camera for Christmas last year, and I want to start using that more to capture some nice photos. I think one way I can improve my photography skills is to practice more, and change up my approach sometimes to make things more interesting; changing the perspective, contrast, lighting, and I would really like to learn how to use more of the special features of my camera to create more interesting effects in my photos.

Here’s a link to my Flickr if you would like to see any of my previous work.

Today’s Daily Create had us create an imaginary musical manuscript. I know how to read music so this was pretty simple for me. I used the demo version of a software called Noteflight which let me create a simple two measure song. There is a hidden joke in it, I wonder if anyone can guess what it is 🙂

Sticking with the photography theme for this week, the next assignment I chose had me take a distorted picture of something and make it as unrecognizable as I could. Shaking my phone around as much as I could while still snapping pictures, I came up with this after several tries. Can you guess what this is?


Today I went on a 20-minute Photoblitz. I had to take pictures of everything on this list:


I started at 2:04 PM and ended at 2:19PM. For my first photo, I had to take a picture of something circular that filled the frame. I chose the clock by Woodard.


The next challenge was to take a picture of a wall or fence. At the bridge by the nest, there’s a little of both. I love the geometric pattern of the fence.


A picture of construction was next. With the UC and the expansion to Woodard done, there’s not much construction around campus. However, there was something going on behind Woodard.


As I was looking for another thing to snap a picture of, I stumbled upon several copies of the Blue and Gray Press. Perfect for my next challenge.


The next thing I had to take a picture of was the sky. I love taking pictures of the sky, and it just so happened to be cloudy today. I loved the shape and texture of the clouds.


The next picture was a self-portrait, but without my face. I chose to take this photo because I love music and I listen to music wherever I go, so I had to include my earbuds. I put them on top of a book about emotions because I love to read and learn, and I am an emotional person.


For the last picture, I had to take a picture of disappointment. So naturally, I chose an empty coffee cup, because there is nothing more disappointing than being all out of coffee.


Phew. This week was tough. I didn’t manage my time well and ended up waiting until the end of the week to try and get everything done. Not a smart idea…but it’s done! I’m getting the hang of things; still working on commenting and engaging with other people but I’m getting in the habit of doing Daily Creates and assignments.

Here’s all my posts from this week:

Web 2.0 Storytelling

A Logic Named Joe

Daily Create 9/7/16

Daily Create 9/8/16

Daily Create 9/9/16


Greener Pastures

Vintage WMWC Radio

Today I read Bryan Alexander’s “Web 2.0 Storytelling“, an excerpt from a book that talks about how storytelling is different when it comes to being on the web. Digital storytelling can take many forms; you can tell stories on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. Each of these platforms puts a new spin on whatever story you are telling. Twitter will only give you little snippets of the story at a time, and on Tumblr you can make it as long as you want. Stories can also link from one platform to another, creating a very dynamic story.

I think that digital storytelling is a great new form of storytelling. You can link to so many different kinds of web content to make a story more dynamic, and you can also publish a story piece-by-piece rather than all at once. This keeps your readers yearning for more. A story just in pictures can convey a different meaning than the same story in print. Digital storytelling offers different interpretations and perspectives on stories. It is truly fascinating. I love that stories are being told digitally; it’s so different and interesting.

I read this article about a short story called “A Logic Named Joe” written in the 1940s about how computers would be in every home, but will eventually bring out the worst in humanity because they were too helpful. For example, the computers (called logics) would give people advice about how to cover up crimes. It is staggering just how accurately this short story predicted what we now have in the modern age. The internet can give us any kind of information we want, including dangerous, disgusting, or immoral material. Are we actually worse morally as a human race because of the internet? I don’t think so, because while the internet can give us access to more information about “immoral” things, it does not cause human’s curiosity for those kinds of things. It enables people looking for those sort of things, but does not cause them to go looking for it.

I really think the pros of the internet outweigh the cons, however. Yes, there may be some bad information on it, but the internet gives us such a huge library of other very useful information. You can take college courses online such as this one; you can read books; you can search for information that might not even be in print. It is an excellent tool that we use every day because it does so much for us.