Vintage WMWC Radio

I am the technician for the radio station on campus, WMWC Radio, and I love it. We are the oldest club on campus, although no one knows we exist. For this assignment, I decided to look at how the WMWC website has changed over time.

I used Wayback Machine to go back and see previous versions of the WMWC homepage, which was awesome because I was able to find versions of the website all the way back to 1996.

Click on the photos below to see what WMWC’s website looked like (the date of the photos are in the url):

I definitely think WMWC’s website is much better than it used to be (not because I designed the current version myself or anything…).  I think the 2008 and 2011 versions are some of the nicer versions. They’re cleaner and more functional than previous versions. Overall, the website design has slowly gotten better each year, and I hope to help improve it even more as best I can.

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