This assignment had me create a board on Pinterest for a character of my choice. I chose to create a board for my character Clover that I created for Dystopia Rising, a post-apocalyptic LARP game. Clover is a Natural One, which is a race that is like Native Americans in that they have tribes, they live off the land, and they stick to their own. She lives in Appalachia in a valley, and her tribe is centered around farming and growth of all things. I kind of went a little overboard on this assignment…I had a lot of fun finding pictures that described Clover and putting them all together. Here is my board about Clover.

Princess Rhona

This assignment had me take a movie, reduce it down to its basic elements, and make it into four icons that tell the story. I chose a well-known movie, however I didn’t want to make it too obvious as to what it is, so I tried to choose icons that described the movie but didn’t give it away. I found some icons that were labeled for reuse and created the story in Photoshop. Can you guess which movie it is?

guess the movie

Today I went on a 20-minute Photoblitz. I had to take pictures of everything on this list:


I started at 2:04 PM and ended at 2:19PM. For my first photo, I had to take a picture of something circular that filled the frame. I chose the clock by Woodard.


The next challenge was to take a picture of a wall or fence. At the bridge by the nest, there’s a little of both. I love the geometric pattern of the fence.


A picture of construction was next. With the UC and the expansion to Woodard done, there’s not much construction around campus. However, there was something going on behind Woodard.


As I was looking for another thing to snap a picture of, I stumbled upon several copies of the Blue and Gray Press. Perfect for my next challenge.


The next thing I had to take a picture of was the sky. I love taking pictures of the sky, and it just so happened to be cloudy today. I loved the shape and texture of the clouds.


The next picture was a self-portrait, but without my face. I chose to take this photo because I love music and I listen to music wherever I go, so I had to include my earbuds. I put them on top of a book about emotions because I love to read and learn, and I am an emotional person.


For the last picture, I had to take a picture of disappointment. So naturally, I chose an empty coffee cup, because there is nothing more disappointing than being all out of coffee.


I am the technician for the radio station on campus, WMWC Radio, and I love it. We are the oldest club on campus, although no one knows we exist. For this assignment, I decided to look at how the WMWC website has changed over time.

I used Wayback Machine to go back and see previous versions of the WMWC homepage, which was awesome because I was able to find versions of the website all the way back to 1996.

Click on the photos below to see what WMWC’s website looked like (the date of the photos are in the url):

I definitely think WMWC’s website is much better than it used to be (not because I designed the current version myself or anything…).  I think the 2008 and 2011 versions are some of the nicer versions. They’re cleaner and more functional than previous versions. Overall, the website design has slowly gotten better each year, and I hope to help improve it even more as best I can.

After looking for a while through different assignments to complete, I came across this one. I initially misread it as “go for a walk and create a timeline of pictures of different colors”, but when I read it again, I realized it said to pick one color. After looking at the other people’s posts who have completed the assignment, I decided to choose green since no one had done that color yet. Green is my second favorite color, and with so many trees on campus, there’s green everywhere. But I didn’t want to do the obvious and just take a bunch of pictures of trees, so I sought out to find other green things on campus besides trees.

Here’s my completed timeline (unfortunately there wasn’t a way to embed it that worked).

I had a lot of fun with this assignment; I love going for walks and taking pictures of what I come across.