This week was challenging, but I managed my time well and got it all done early! I’m super proud of myself because I have always struggled with time management. I also participated more by commenting on people’s posts and live tweeting. Here are all my posts from this week:

Daily Create 10/18/16

Clover in Pictures

Say What?

Daily Create 10/19/16

Dream Vacation

Review of ds106 News Radio

Best of ds106 So Far!

Daily Create 10/20/16

Writing with Daily Creates


For this assignment, I thought of the perfect idea. I would remix a craigslist ad so that it was a plea for someone to take this person’s Furby off their hands. Anyone who has ever owned a Furby knows that they do weird and creepy things. They’ll turn on without batteries, randomly say things, keep moving after being run over by a car, the list goes on. Craigslist posts can be pretty wacky like this, so I thought it was an appropriate site to remix.

Here’s my craigslist ad.


Oh. My God. I went through ALL EIGHTY-EIGHT PAGES of the class feed to find three of the best works of art. It took a looooooong time, but I found some really incredible works of art.

The first assignment I found was this one:

Suns, Only Abstract

I just thought the design of this one was amazing. I love silk art, and doing one of the sun made for a very interesting piece.

The next assignment I found was this one:

Minus Mona Lisa

I thought this one was also very creative. The amount of variation you can get from manipulating just a tiny bit of code is amazing.

And lastly, this assignment caught my eye:

One Giant Leap

I took three years of computer graphics in high school, and I have been told I have a good eye for design and photography. While minimalist, this work is very well done. It’s not too cluttered, and the fonts and shapes all go very well together.

Oddly enough, and I didn’t realize this until just now, all three assignments I picked were from the same person, Evan. I think he has a very good eye for design.

Yesterday I listen to the ds106 News Radio show at 8:30pm on ds106 Radio. I thoroughly enjoyed listening; the topics were current news stories like the most recent Trump scandal and the people dressed as clowns scaring people. Each presenter provided well thought out opinions on each story, and they seemed well-prepared. They structured it as your typical talk show, which fit well with the type of show that they did. My only criticisms are that the volume levels on each of the presenters microphones were not all at the same volume level. The volume level was not consistent with the talking part and the segues as well. I found myself having to turn my volume up and down throughout the show. But other than that, the show was wonderful. Props to all the presenters!

Another Pinterest assignment! I’m finding that I like this website more and more…there’s no limit to what you can find on Pinterest.

When pinning posts for this assignment, I found I had several ideas of a dream vacation, so I pinned posts that had to do with all my ideas. I would love to visit Ireland, take a vacation at a lake house, go camping/hiking, stay in a cabin in the woods, and do all of those things with a dog by my side. I think all of these things are possible with the right amount of planning, money, and time. In order to travel with a dog I obviously need to be at a place in my life where I can have a dog. I also need to be able to have a steady job that I can take days off from. I think these things will be possible several years after I get out of college because hopefully I will have a dog, more money, and a good job that provides the money I would need to go places.

Here is my Pinterest Dream Vacation board.

Let's adventure together. #campingwithdogs @kaffegram

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Today’s Daily Create was a weird one…I had to create a poem using the words pistachio, ink, pebble, weather, and varnish. After some thinking about how I could possibly related these things to one another, I came up with this:

I don’t even know what it’s supposed to mean honestly.