This assignment had me create a board on Pinterest for a character of my choice. I chose to create a board for my character Clover that I created for Dystopia Rising, a post-apocalyptic LARP game. Clover is a Natural One, which is a race that is like Native Americans in that they have tribes, they live off the land, and they stick to their own. She lives in Appalachia in a valley, and her tribe is centered around farming and growth of all things. I kind of went a little overboard on this assignment…I had a lot of fun finding pictures that described Clover and putting them all together. Here is my board about Clover.

Princess Rhona

I love dogs. Like, a LOT. So when I came across this assignment, I was thrilled. It just so happens that my mom just bought me Photoshop Elements, and, using my computer graphics experience, I photoshoped my dog onto campus!


I took the background picture when I first came to UMW, and it just so happens that I had a picture of my dog Rixs while I was walking her that fit perfectly. I just used the polygonal lasso tool in Photoshop to crop around my dog, and voilà!

Because I love her so much, here’s another picture of Rixs (not photoshopped):