I had a lot of fun with this assignment. I had to choose a video and edit an instant replay into it. I knew just the video I wanted to use. My friend Riley has this video of him attempting to do a flip off of a stump, but he missed the landing. He sent me the video and I used Windows Movie Maker to copy the part I wanted to slow down, set it to 0.25x speed of the original, and put it all together. Here’s the video:

This assignment had me record a video highlighting one thing I do every day. I chose to film myself checking my email (while making sure no sensitive information was visible). I was going to film it all on my phone, but I realized that I can’t flip from the front to the back camera while I’m recording a video. So, I recorded myself using my webcam on my computer, then recorded my screen with my phone, then put the two together in Windows Movie Maker.┬áLike browsing Tumblr, this is another thing involving the internet I do every day. The internet has become quite a necessity in our daily lives. Email is extremely important. Here’s my video:

For this assignment, my mission was to spell a word in sign language. I came up with a word immediately, but I realized that there was actually one sign for the specific word, rather than spelling it out. This word is one of the few words I know in sign language, and I learned it from someone in my high school German class. Can you guess which word I’m signing?