Oh. My God. I went through ALL EIGHTY-EIGHT PAGES of the class feed to find three of the best works of art. It took a looooooong time, but I found some really incredible works of art.

The first assignment I found was this one:

Suns, Only Abstract

I just thought the design of this one was amazing. I love silk art, and doing one of the sun made for a very interesting piece.

The next assignment I found was this one:

Minus Mona Lisa

I thought this one was also very creative. The amount of variation you can get from manipulating just a tiny bit of code is amazing.

And lastly, this assignment caught my eye:

One Giant Leap

I took three years of computer graphics in high school, and I have been told I have a good eye for design and photography. While minimalist, this work is very well done. It’s not too cluttered, and the fonts and shapes all go very well together.

Oddly enough, and I didn’t realize this until just now, all three assignments I picked were from the same person, Evan. I think he has a very good eye for design.