I read this article about a short story called “A Logic Named Joe” written in the 1940s about how computers would be in every home, but will eventually bring out the worst in humanity because they were too helpful. For example, the computers (called logics) would give people advice about how to cover up crimes. It is staggering just how accurately this short story predicted what we now have in the modern age. The internet can give us any kind of information we want, including dangerous, disgusting, or immoral material. Are we actually worse morally as a human race because of the internet? I don’t think so, because while the internet can give us access to more information about “immoral” things, it does not cause human’s curiosity for those kinds of things. It enables people looking for those sort of things, but does not cause them to go looking for it.

I really think the pros of the internet outweigh the cons, however. Yes, there may be some bad information on it, but the internet gives us such a huge library of other very useful information. You can take college courses online such as this one; you can read books; you can search for information that might not even be in print. It is an excellent tool that we use every day because it does so much for us.