Okay I’m gonna be really honest here…I haven’t even started the project. I have been struggling a lot with school these past couple weeks and this is one of the classes I’ve been neglecting… I feel really bad about it though and I am determined to finish the project on time and produce quality work. Stay tuned for more of my attempts to make this school thing work!

This week was challenging, but I managed my time well and got it all done early! I’m super proud of myself because I have always struggled with time management. I also participated more by commenting on people’s posts and live tweeting. Here are all my posts from this week:

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Another tough week. I’ve been have lots of life events recently, so it’s been hard to keep up with my schoolwork, but I did it! I loved all the photography this week; it’s one of my favorite interests. I got better at commenting and responding to comments on my own blog this week, but I’m still having trouble managing my time. Definitely going to do better next week!

Here’s all my posts from this week:

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Phew. This week was tough. I didn’t manage my time well and ended up waiting until the end of the week to try and get everything done. Not a smart idea…but it’s done! I’m getting the hang of things; still working on commenting and engaging with other people but I’m getting in the habit of doing Daily Creates and assignments.

Here’s all my posts from this week:

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First week in ds106 done! I am proud that I got it all done, and it was fun figuring out how to set all the social media up. I had a problem with Gravatar though; my profile picture shows up everywhere except when you click on one of my posts from the class feed. Using Hypothesis was a new experience. I have never liked annotating, but I think Hypothesis is a nice platform to work with. Thinking about the internet was interesting, but it is a huge concept to wrap my head around. Overall, this week wasn’t so bad.

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