For this assignment, I thought of the perfect idea. I would remix a craigslist ad so that it was a plea for someone to take this person’s Furby off their hands. Anyone who has ever owned a Furby knows that they do weird and creepy things. They’ll turn on without batteries, randomly say things, keep moving after being run over by a car, the list goes on. Craigslist posts can be pretty wacky like this, so I thought it was an appropriate site to remix.

Here’s my craigslist ad.


Another Pinterest assignment! I’m finding that I like this website more and more…there’s no limit to what you can find on Pinterest.

When pinning posts for this assignment, I found I had several ideas of a dream vacation, so I pinned posts that had to do with all my ideas. I would love to visit Ireland, take a vacation at a lake house, go camping/hiking, stay in a cabin in the woods, and do all of those things with a dog by my side. I think all of these things are possible with the right amount of planning, money, and time. In order to travel with a dog I obviously need to be at a place in my life where I can have a dog. I also need to be able to have a steady job that I can take days off from. I think these things will be possible several years after I get out of college because hopefully I will have a dog, more money, and a good job that provides the money I would need to go places.

Here is my Pinterest Dream Vacation board.

Let's adventure together. #campingwithdogs @kaffegram

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Google Translate can either be incredibly helpful or the exact opposite. My mission was to put something into Google Translate that would translate it into something funny. So I played around a bit and came up with this:


I found that when I went from a foreign language to English, for the most part the translation seemed to be correct. Google Translate has really improved over the years. So I had to mess around with things like the above to get something ridiculous. I thought that this one was particularly weird.



This assignment had me create a board on Pinterest for a character of my choice. I chose to create a board for my character Clover that I created for Dystopia Rising, a post-apocalyptic LARP game. Clover is a Natural One, which is a race that is like Native Americans in that they have tribes, they live off the land, and they stick to their own. She lives in Appalachia in a valley, and her tribe is centered around farming and growth of all things. I kind of went a little overboard on this assignment…I had a lot of fun finding pictures that described Clover and putting them all together. Here is my board about Clover.

Princess Rhona

I am the technician for the radio station on campus, WMWC Radio, and I love it. We are the oldest club on campus, although no one knows we exist. For this assignment, I decided to look at how the WMWC website has changed over time.

I used Wayback Machine to go back and see previous versions of the WMWC homepage, which was awesome because I was able to find versions of the website all the way back to 1996.

Click on the photos below to see what WMWC’s website looked like (the date of the photos are in the url):

I definitely think WMWC’s website is much better than it used to be (not because I designed the current version myself or anything…).  I think the 2008 and 2011 versions are some of the nicer versions. They’re cleaner and more functional than previous versions. Overall, the website design has slowly gotten better each year, and I hope to help improve it even more as best I can.

After looking for a while through different assignments to complete, I came across this one. I initially misread it as “go for a walk and create a timeline of pictures of different colors”, but when I read it again, I realized it said to pick one color. After looking at the other people’s posts who have completed the assignment, I decided to choose green since no one had done that color yet. Green is my second favorite color, and with so many trees on campus, there’s green everywhere. But I didn’t want to do the obvious and just take a bunch of pictures of trees, so I sought out to find other green things on campus besides trees.

Here’s my completed timeline (unfortunately there wasn’t a way to embed it that worked).

I had a lot of fun with this assignment; I love going for walks and taking pictures of what I come across.