For anyone just coming into ds106, you’ve chosen well. This is a fun course, but it is a lot of work. Since it’s online, you’ll have to manage your time wisely and make sure you don’t forget about it just because you don’t have to attend class. Space out all your weekly assignments throughout the week rather than save them until the day before. Start early, post often. Get in the habit of doing Daily Creates. If you take this advice and the advice of your professor, then you’ll do fine. Good luck!

I finally have an idea for my project! I’m going to tell the story of a day in the life of my dog from her perspective through a fake Twitter account. I am going to post updates of the things that would normally happen in her day in real time, including her thoughts on everything. I am going to incorporate pictures, videos, and audio of her, and possible reaction GIFs. Before I start, I am collecting all of these things so that they are ready for my to post when the time is appropriate. I welcome any thoughts and opinions on my idea.

Oh. My God. I went through ALL EIGHTY-EIGHT PAGES of the class feed to find three of the best works of art. It took a looooooong time, but I found some really incredible works of art.

The first assignment I found was this one:

Suns, Only Abstract

I just thought the design of this one was amazing. I love silk art, and doing one of the sun made for a very interesting piece.

The next assignment I found was this one:

Minus Mona Lisa

I thought this one was also very creative. The amount of variation you can get from manipulating just a tiny bit of code is amazing.

And lastly, this assignment caught my eye:

One Giant Leap

I took three years of computer graphics in high school, and I have been told I have a good eye for design and photography. While minimalist, this work is very well done. It’s not too cluttered, and the fonts and shapes all go very well together.

Oddly enough, and I didn’t realize this until just now, all three assignments I picked were from the same person, Evan. I think he has a very good eye for design.

Yesterday I listen to the ds106 News Radio show at 8:30pm on ds106 Radio. I thoroughly enjoyed listening; the topics were current news stories like the most recent Trump scandal and the people dressed as clowns scaring people. Each presenter provided well thought out opinions on each story, and they seemed well-prepared. They structured it as your typical talk show, which fit well with the type of show that they did. My only criticisms are that the volume levels on each of the presenters microphones were not all at the same volume level. The volume level was not consistent with the talking part and the segues as well. I found myself having to turn my volume up and down throughout the show. But other than that, the show was wonderful. Props to all the presenters!

I love photography. I actually have been meaning to get more into it for a while now. I have been told I have a good eye for photography, meaning I can set up a shot well and take nice photos. I don’t take a lot of photos currently, but I am looking to do a lot more of it in my free time. It is one of the forms of art that I feel as though I am good at. When I go out to take pictures however, I don’t really have a set goal in mind. I just take pictures of anything that looks particularly interesting to me. I haven’t really set out to incorporate a certain deep meaning in my photos, because my favorite area of photography is landscapes and the sky before a storm. I do believe that I can always improve on my photography skills, and I intend to. I got a Nikon camera for Christmas last year, and I want to start using that more to capture some nice photos. I think one way I can improve my photography skills is to practice more, and change up my approach sometimes to make things more interesting; changing the perspective, contrast, lighting, and I would really like to learn how to use more of the special features of my camera to create more interesting effects in my photos.

Here’s a link to my Flickr if you would like to see any of my previous work.

Today I read Bryan Alexander’s “Web 2.0 Storytelling“, an excerpt from a book that talks about how storytelling is different when it comes to being on the web. Digital storytelling can take many forms; you can tell stories on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. Each of these platforms puts a new spin on whatever story you are telling. Twitter will only give you little snippets of the story at a time, and on Tumblr you can make it as long as you want. Stories can also link from one platform to another, creating a very dynamic story.

I think that digital storytelling is a great new form of storytelling. You can link to so many different kinds of web content to make a story more dynamic, and you can also publish a story piece-by-piece rather than all at once. This keeps your readers yearning for more. A story just in pictures can convey a different meaning than the same story in print. Digital storytelling offers different interpretations and perspectives on stories. It is truly fascinating. I love that stories are being told digitally; it’s so different and interesting.

I read this article about a short story called “A Logic Named Joe” written in the 1940s about how computers would be in every home, but will eventually bring out the worst in humanity because they were too helpful. For example, the computers (called logics) would give people advice about how to cover up crimes. It is staggering just how accurately this short story predicted what we now have in the modern age. The internet can give us any kind of information we want, including dangerous, disgusting, or immoral material. Are we actually worse morally as a human race because of the internet? I don’t think so, because while the internet can give us access to more information about “immoral” things, it does not cause human’s curiosity for those kinds of things. It enables people looking for those sort of things, but does not cause them to go looking for it.

I really think the pros of the internet outweigh the cons, however. Yes, there may be some bad information on it, but the internet gives us such a huge library of other very useful information. You can take college courses online such as this one; you can read books; you can search for information that might not even be in print. It is an excellent tool that we use every day because it does so much for us.

I chose to read the article “How To Break Open the Web” by Dan Gillmor and Kevin Marks. The article was about how the internet has been too censored and controlled by governments and companies. The web is supposed to be for everyone to do whatever they want, so people are trying to make a plan to make and keep it open to all. The article reminded me of a bill from a couple years ago that people were afraid was going to limit our use of the web even more. I forget the specifics, but I believe it was restriction in the name of protection from terrorists or something. While protection from terror is important, it should not infringe on our constitutional rights, such as freedom of speech.

The internet is an interesting concept. It is not something you can touch or hold, but it is one of the most important things in our daily lives. You can connect to it from almost anywhere, and create or do almost anything on it. I think that the internet is a revolutionary way of connecting with people. You can Skype a friend from across the world or message another across the country. People can connect in ways they would never have been able to do before. But what is the next step for the internet? What will be the next “big thing”? Are there any limits on what is possible?

Today I read Austin Kleon’s post “10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered: Lessons from my book ‘Show Your Work!’“. His ten ways were:


The point that interested me the most was “open up your cabinet of curiosities”. From what I had read of the article up to that point, I thought that the article was more focused on people who create things, like artists or authors. I didn’t know that I could just share a blog post of something I found interesting and that would fall under the same category of creativity. I like blogging; I have a personal Tumblr that I use quite a bit. To think that I am benefiting people just by blogging is a nice thought.

The point that is the hardest for me is to “learn to take a punch”. I am very sensitive to criticism even though I know that criticism can be a good thing. I’m learning ways to work on that and not take criticism so harshly.

Using Hypothesis to annotate the article was interesting…I am not a fan of annotating, so this assignment took some time for me, but I think Hypothesis is a nice platform in which to do so.