First week in ds106 done! I am proud that I got it all done, and it was fun figuring out how to set all the social media up. I had a problem with Gravatar though; my profile picture shows up everywhere except when you click on one of my posts from the class feed. Using Hypothesis was a new experience. I have never liked annotating, but I think Hypothesis is a nice platform to work with. Thinking about the internet was interesting, but it is a huge concept to wrap my head around. Overall, this week wasn’t so bad.

Here are my posts I did this week:

Hello Everyone!

Thoughts on “10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered”

The Internet


I chose to read the article “How To Break Open the Web” by Dan Gillmor and Kevin Marks. The article was about how the internet has been too censored and controlled by governments and companies. The web is supposed to be for everyone to do whatever they want, so people are trying to make a plan to make and keep it open to all. The article reminded me of a bill from a couple years ago that people were afraid was going to limit our use of the web even more. I forget the specifics, but I believe it was restriction in the name of protection from terrorists or something. While protection from terror is important, it should not infringe on our constitutional rights, such as freedom of speech.

The internet is an interesting concept. It is not something you can touch or hold, but it is one of the most important things in our daily lives. You can connect to it from almost anywhere, and create or do almost anything on it. I think that the internet is a revolutionary way of connecting with people. You can Skype a friend from across the world or message another across the country. People can connect in ways they would never have been able to do before. But what is the next step for the internet? What will be the next “big thing”? Are there any limits on what is possible?

Today I read Austin Kleon’s post “10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered: Lessons from my book ‘Show Your Work!’“. His ten ways were:


The point that interested me the most was “open up your cabinet of curiosities”. From what I had read of the article up to that point, I thought that the article was more focused on people who create things, like artists or authors. I didn’t know that I could just share a blog post of something I found interesting and that would fall under the same category of creativity. I like blogging; I have a personal Tumblr that I use quite a bit. To think that I am benefiting people just by blogging is a nice thought.

The point that is the hardest for me is to “learn to take a punch”. I am very sensitive to criticism even though I know that criticism can be a good thing. I’m learning ways to work on that and not take criticism so harshly.

Using Hypothesis to annotate the article was interesting…I am not a fan of annotating, so this assignment took some time for me, but I think Hypothesis is a nice platform in which to do so.

Hello! My name is Maureen Thoensen, and I am a sophomore computer science major with a passion for all things tech! Below are my other introductions on various platforms.

I really enjoy taking pictures of the sky before storms, so here are some of my recent photos:





My first SoundCloud recording:


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I’m looking forward to the class! Hope you guys enjoyed!