This assignment had me take a movie, reduce it down to its basic elements, and make it into four icons that tell the story. I chose a well-known movie, however I didn’t want to make it too obvious as to what it is, so I tried to choose icons that described the movie but didn’t give it away. I found some icons that were labeled for reuse and created the story in Photoshop. Can you guess which movie it is?

guess the movie

After looking for a while through different assignments to complete, I came across this one. I initially misread it as “go for a walk and create a timeline of pictures of different colors”, but when I read it again, I realized it said to pick one color. After looking at the other people’s posts who have completed the assignment, I decided to choose green since no one had done that color yet. Green is my second favorite color, and with so many trees on campus, there’s green everywhere. But I didn’t want to do the obvious and just take a bunch of pictures of trees, so I sought out to find other green things on campus besides trees.

Here’s my completed timeline (unfortunately there wasn’t a way to embed it that worked).

I had a lot of fun with this assignment; I love going for walks and taking pictures of what I come across.